The CODOR production department is dedicated to produce security sheets of small series and project quantities. Therefore a maximum control is achieved during production stage. By means of machinery, many years of experience, very flexible, high quality and efficient.

In security applications laminates can be used to add properties to a surface that would not have them otherwise.

Invisible ink printed on the adhesive side of the laminate, which becomes visible when exposed to black light. Ultraviolet Ink delivers the ultimate protection in photo ID-card security.
This technology is incorporated on the adhesive or the exposed polyester side of the laminate film with an area-specific feature incorporated into the card structure that reflects images in normal daylight. Furthermore embossing is not only visible but also touchable by hand.
Primary hologram characteristics are its multidimensional reflectivity and ability to be applied in registered or random patterns. Holographic laminate provides good adhesion and a high level for as per example of photo ID-card security, as well as durability and virtual edge-to-edge protection. For even more security features, combine a hologram with other security protections, such as embossing or ultraviolet ink prints.
Using unique serialized document control numbers will allow for better security, because these documents can be controlled and audited throughout the issuance process.
Combinations of all mentioned security features will offer the highest level of security technologies!

CODOR’s in-house production department is ready to serve the demanding laminating industries.