The problem solving, innovative character and expertise of CODOR are translated into a diversity of quality Sheets, designed and manufactured in-house. CODOR manufactures sheets in all possible sizes, including as per example round corned sheets. These qualifications enable CODOR to produce both single pieces and larger quantities in its modernly equipped machine shop. It is the policy to work extremely close to customers and partners, being pro-active, almost as a contracted extension of the client itself and bringing the price and service proportion of such synergies to the clients benefit.
Recognized world-wide as one of the best lamination films, these products are easily identifiable by the exclusive CODOR red and black packaging which represents a guarantee of quality.
CODOR films comprise carefully selected polyesters, with adhesive layers of co-polymers. The compositions of these adhesive layers, together with their excellent bonding properties, are the result of CODOR's forty-five years' experience in this field and of extensive Research & Development. The rigid and extensive quality control applied throughout the production process further contributes to the high reputation enjoyed by CODOR products. Quality, first and foremost is our unwavering principle.
CODOR films are available as separate sheets or on rolls and come in all possible sizes and thicknesses. CODOR films contain no environmentally harmful materials.