CODOR also manufactures a wide range of tailor made laminating machines. Besides our standard range to choose from, optional features can be included to suit your specific requirements. On top of this, as with all of our machines, new customer specific features can be engineered into the machine, to give you the exact machine that you need.

As per example see under mentioned some optional features and especially build machines:
The CODOR Autolaminator is a custom made machine, specially designed and constructed for laminating and cutting various types of ID cards and security documents, in according with the most stringent security standards, at the lowest tolerance level possible. The machine has been made to operate self-sufficiently, with very little attention from operating personnel.

The CODOR Autolaminator is the perfect solution for high speed production of large quantities of ID-cards. According to the requirements of the end-user several modules can be built in.

This semi-automatic feeder can be filled with a certain quantity of passport booklets