taken, counted and automatically fed into the machine
laminates evenly on both sides
Diamond-coated, teflonized heating elements for scratch-resistant performance.
- provided with an accurately logged embossing unit
- trimmed to within a tolerance of 0.2 mm
- removed from the trimming-punch by robot
- placed, in order, in the collection tray
- production rate: 2000 pieces per hour
The CODOR Autolaminator is a custom made machine, specially designed and constructed for laminating and cutting various types of ID cards and security documents, in according with the most stringent security standards, at the lowest tolerance level possible. The machine has been made to operate self-sufficiently, with very little attention from operating personnel. The CODOR Autolaminator is the perfect solution for high speed production of large quantities of ID-cards. According to the requirements of the end-user several modules can be built in.
According to the requirements of the final user, several different components can be installed. A4 sized sheets, printed with personalized ID documents, and are fed into the machine.
The ID documents are cut out of the A4 sized sheets, fed into the machine and laminated.
After being cut out of the laminating film, the ID documents are collected, all according to the highest international security standards.
The lamination film - both upper and lower reels - unwinds under controlled tension.
The operating panel shows detailed production data and indicates production errors.